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A Hillsong Conference Story

A Hillsong Conference Story

12 August 2016

I became a Christian at Hillsong Church in October of last year. Shortly afterwards, I joined a connect group and was invited to volunteer at conference – I jumped at the opportunity. As far as I can remember, serving for the week of conference was the first time in my life I have done something for someone else without expecting anything in return.

While I loved making new friends at conference, it was Casey Treat’s message and his testimony that resonated. My biological father is a heroine addict and although I vowed never to be like him, I took a wrong turn in Year 12, hooked up with the wrong crowd and ended up in the party scene: drinking heavily and eventually taking cocaine and ecstasy. On top of that, I had a prescription medication addiction. Taking drugs was all about dulling my mind so I didn’t have to face the reality that I was wasting my potential.

My ‘light bulb’ moment came quite unexpectedly. I was sitting in my living room smoking weed with my drug dealer who was ten years older than me when he started talking about how his marijuana addiction had led him to heroine. As he was speaking, I got a mental picture of where my life was going – I realised I was following the same patterns as my father. The following morning I woke with a new resolve: “Mitch”, I told myself, “This has got to change!” A few weeks later my brother, who had recently made a decision to follow Jesus, invited me to church.

The day before, the two of us had made a pact: we threw away all our drugs and all our equipment. A short time later, I got rid of all my prescription medication.

It’s been Casey Treat’s message on renewing the mind that’s had the biggest impact on me. I now understand the importance of reading the Bible and allowing God’s Word to change me daily. Today, I have a completely different view of my future. As I spend time in the Word, I believe I will become more like my Heavenly father and that’s a great outcome!