Masterclasses | Hillsong Conference 2018 | Hillsong Conference

Hillsong Conference seeks to champion the cause of the local church everywhere, and we aim to place practical tools into the hands of our delegates through masterclasses. These sessions focus on many different areas that champion each individual that may find themselves building the church covering a wide range of topics from preaching, kids ministry, worship & creativity, community development, youth ministry, family, business, production, film and many more topics. Here are 3 different sessions from 2015 to give you a taste of the Masterclass experience at Hillsong Conference.

The Preaching Masterclass

with Jentezen Franklin

Jentezen Franklin is the Senior Pastor of Free Chapel, a multi-campus church with a global reach who is also a special guest at Hillsong Conference Sydney 2017.

A Creative Worship session

with Martin Smith and band

“No One Ever Drowned in Sweat"

with Christine Caine