Summer Update Issue #6

Aug 24 2015

John-blog-2My CPH Exchange

Meet John Ebenezer, an Australian student, who was on exchange in Copenhagen for 6 months last year.


Why DK?
I wanted to go somewhere different to Australia (not America, Canada, Britain etc.) but I didn’t want to die in the first week from the change of scene (Asia), so Scandinavia was logical. The University of Copenhagen is one of the best in Europe, so it just made sense in the end.

Funniest misunderstanding?
So many…there was that time I accidentally directed a Chinese man onto a train to Stockholm when he just wanted to get to Nørreport. Ah, nostalgia.

Best thing about CPH?
The people. No question about it. My best friends on this planet are people I met while I was in Denmark, and all of them are from church. These are people who will take you under their wing and make you feel at home. Friends who will challenge you and build you up. These are people who you can do life with.

How did you find church?
I googled “English churches in Copenhagen” and found Hillsong, which was familiar because I’m an Australian.

What did it mean to you being part of church while you were here?
Interesting fact: I spent more time at church in Denmark than I did in university (Yes, I went to all my classes). That should tell you how amazing church was for me. Church was home. I found a community and a family who I could do life with. It was also a real opportunity to serve God through my actions and make relationships that last. Church was seriously what I looked forward to most in my week.

Would you recommend coming to CPH to study to others?
Yes Yes Yes!!! I have no idea how I’m going to do it, but I’m going to figure out a way to go back because Copenhagen is just that awesome!

No 1. thing not to miss out on while in CPH?
Christmas with a Danish family. Danes take Christmas to another level, and the traditions along with all the fun seriously took my exchange up another few notches. It helps when you’re spending it with the best family at church (love the Hjorths!)


Summer Shake

This yummy strawberry cheesecake milkshake is quick and easy to whip up on a warm late summer evening


230g Vanilla ice cream
230g Milk
60g Cream cheese
1/2 tsp. Vanilla
360g Strawberries – fresh or frozen

Process all ingredients in a blender until smooth, around 2-3 mins. Serve immediately in individual glasses, and top with additional strawberries, whipped cream and crushed graham crackers



7 Things Danes do While Riding a Bike

By The Lykke

We know all Danes are born with a bike between their legs. These guys are crazy about bikes and Denmark is one of the countries with most number of bicycles per inhabitant.

So here’s 7 things, you can expect to see a Dane doing on a bike:

1. They talk on the phone

Most use earphones to speak and listen without holding their mobile, however it is very common to see people biking around and holding their phones close to their ear.

Pro Level: Sending SMS while biking (yes it happens)

2. They carry grocery bags

Many bikes here have baskets on the front and back of the bikes, where you can carry the heaviest groceries. But Danes can also have bags on each side of their handlebars.

3. They carry their family

This Danish bike invented in Christiania and known as a Cargo Bike is a classic for families with children. They carry everything inside this super bike, including kids and in many cases even the mums as well!

4. They take as many kids as possible on the same bike

There are these amazing and incredible “collective bikes” that have four or even more seats exclusively for children. They’re similar to a cargo, however instead of the box in the front, they have two seats facing other two in the opposite side. The more kids you can bring along the better!

5. They bike in any kind of weather

It doesn’t matter if it’s raining, cold, dark, snowing or windy outside (which it often is) they will be biking! Even though it looks impossible, actually you just need the appropriate outfit – preferably waterproofs and you will be good.

Pro Level: Holding an umbrella whilst cycling

6. They use their bikes to move unexpected stuff

Danes are so used to doing everything by bike that they don’t see any problem in moving some crazy stuff on top of their bikes, such as sofas, huge boxes, and other random things!

7. They are always dressed up

Well, if you do everything by bike – why not attend a party or a business meeting and get there by bike? Danes are very fashionable – something that you can easily note on the cycle lanes around town.

A huge thanks to the wonderful Styfens & Carol for lending us an excerpt of their blog – read the whole thing and much more here: