Christmas is a season of gathering together with friends and family, of warm wishes and hope for the future. It is a time to celebrate the birth of our Saviour King, Jesus Christ… the incarnation of reconciliation with God, peace on earth and Good News for all.


We want to extend a warm and open invitation to anyone and everyone in our cities to join us this Christmas at both our annual Christmas Family Shows & our Christmas Services.

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Christmas Community Initiatives

Blessing our community in Jesus’ name this festive season

Find out how you can get involved in showing Jesus’ love to our community this Christmas – we have several initiatives including Christmas dinners, donations and city outreaches.

Christmas - God's Ultimate Peace Project

We’re praying for peace, hope and love to fill every home in our cities this festive season. We believe that Jesus came to bring peace – the ultimate peacemaker!

Help us wage peace this Christmas by doing small acts of kindness – who can you show a little love & bless today? It could be a simple hug or a cup of coffee; or it could be helping with the practical needs of a neighbour – your imagination is the limit.

#wagepeace #thepeaceproject

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