Sunday Services 30/04 with Lee Burns | Copenhagen
Sunday Services 30/04 with Lee Burns

Sunday Services 30/04 with Lee Burns

Apr 30  |  Copenhagen & Malmö

Church is about connecting people with God and we pray you will find purpose, fulfilment and joy as you find your place in the life of Hillsong Church.
We meet in two locations across the day – Copenhagen and just across the bridge in Malmö.


We have the privilege to have Lee Burns with during all services.
Lee Burns is the Executive Vice President of Hillsong College, an incredible and passionate preacher.


As we’re an international church and we want to be a home for everyone – our services are in English and we provide translation (either live from stage or via headphones) to Danish in Copenhagen & Swedish in Malmö.


Service times:

CPH: 11:00 | 13:00 | 18:00 at Bremen Teater

MALMÖ: 13:00 at Slagthuset