Sisterhood Brunch Week | Copenhagen
Sisterhood Brunch Week

Sisterhood Brunch Week

Apr 18 - 22  |  10 AM  |  Copenhagen | Malmö | Aarhus

From April 18 to April 22, women all over Copenhagen, Malmö, and Aarhus will be hosting brunches from 10-12 in their homes. This is an open invitation for the women of church to gather and get to know new friends. Find a place near you and sign up with your friends to be a part of this wonderful morning!

There is a fee of 50kr, to make sure you get some delicious food. So please remember you are not signed up before the 50kr have been transferred to the host, who will contact you directly.

Follow the links below to sign up for one of the brunches!



Louise and Sandra (Østerbro): April 18

Nicole (Valby): April 20 

Skov girls (Valby): April 22

Jonna (Frederiksberg): April 20

Christine (Frederiksberg): April 19

Michala (NV): April 22 – (AT CAPACITY!)

Natalie and Stephanie (Vesterbro): April 22 – (AT CAPACITY!)

Swantje (Vesterbro): April 22



Jessica: April 21

Susan: April 22 – (AT CAPACITY!)



Tina: April 22