Young & Free Night 19/01

Jan 19  |  6 PM  |  Frelsens Hær

Calling all youth aged 14-18, this is the day you have been waiting for! Our next Y&F night is going down!🎉🎉

We will have a photo booth, chill zone, Y&F gear and lots of great hangout opportunities! 😎✌🏼

We have an awesome program planned! With worship, a dance party, competitions and much more! We have the amazing Aaron McManus with us bringing the word – WHAT a night it’ll be!

For real you DO NOT want to miss this night!

This Young and Free night we will have a theme throughout the whole night.. it is…. wait for it… TWINNING IS WINNING!!!!👯👬

That means…. RULES:
– #1 Grab a friend and FORCE them to wear what you are wearing on the night!!! (Why? Because we have some FUN activities planned for you!!) ✔️
– #2 If you dont follow the first rule, its not fun.🔝
– #3 Just follow rule number 1.🔝

Sooo come with your twin(s) and get ready to party!!📣🎊🎉
As always we will have our very own DJ SPACY with us, amazing worship, games and an incredible speaker soon to be announced!! We cannot wait to see you and your twiiiiin 👏🔥✨👯👬🔝

Btw… INVITE YOUR WORLD on the Facebook event!! 🌍🌍
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