Sisterhood United Night 25/05

May 25  |  7 PM  |  Salvation Army Valby

Ladies, you are invited to Sisterhood United Night! The Sisterhood gathers girls and women from all backgrounds and age groups- nobody has to do life alone!

This Sisterhood United Night is taking place at the Salvation Army, Valby Langgade. Invite the girls and women in your world, come early to hang out and be pampered, and learn more about the exciting things in store for us as a Sisterhood this year!

This will be a night of worship and a message from God’s Word that will bring wisdom and encouragement to your everyday life. We have special guest Kalleigh Mikkelson with us!

We’re arranging a bus from Malmö to Copenhagen on the night – sign up here



Be the Change Initiative

Part of the mandate of Sisterhood is to be the change both globally and locally. At our Sisterhood United Night, we have the opportunity to to be the change locally.

We will be working with the Red Cross and their work at the Departure Centre – Kærshovedgård. Departure Centres are for rejected asylum seekers, the people staying there are in a complicated situation, not knowing what the future will bring for them. Because their application for asylum has been rejected and they are going to be sent away from Denmark, the state does not prioritize these centres. This leaves a big group of people, mainly men, with nothing to do all day – making the wait feel extremely long. We want to help them stay positive by having the chance to put their minds to something else – such as sports and outdoor games.

So we are asking that – if you are willing and able – you would bring some items along that we can gift to the men that are in this centre. These items will be a blessing to them in the midst of their situation. These items can be new or pre-loved but in good condition.

Below is a list of suggestions (and where to find them) to bring along:

  • American football (Intersport, Sportmaster)
  • Tennisball (General supermarkets)
  • Football (Føtex, Sport shops)
  • Petangue (Bilka)
  • Skipping rope (Sports shops)
  • Kongespil/Kubb (
  • Simple workout weights (Harald Nyborg)
  • Pre-loved mens clothes, especially sportswear (perhaps you can ask the men in your world to do a wardrobe clean out to help with this!)

Sisterhood is all about placing value on women, so we in turn can then place value upon humanity and this is an incredible opportunity to do that – simply because we can and because we are blessed to be a blessing.