30/11 Sisterhood United Night

Nov 30  |  7 PM  |  Frelsens Hær

Ladies, you are invited to Sisterhood United Night! The Sisterhood gathers girls and women from all backgrounds and age groups- nobody has to do life alone!

This Sisterhood United Night is taking place at the Salvation Army, Frederiksberg allé 9. Invite the girls and women in your world, come early to hang out and be pampered!

Parents Lounge will be available for mothers with small children.

Translation to Swedish and Danish will be provided.

There is a bus service from Malmö departing at 18:00. Click here for more details and signup information.

We will gather in Aarhus at Frelsens Hær (like for Heart and Soul) from 19:00.

Hangout starts from 19:00.