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Hillsong Kids

Ages 1 - 12

During our Sunday services, Hillsong Kids provides a quality and age specific program with craft, music and bible teaching that your kids will love.

The program is in Danish but we also accommodate for English speaking kids one-on-one.
 For the smallest kids 0-1 we have a great Parenting Room that also has a link in to the service.

The Hillsong Kids program is for ages 1-12 and takes place in the same location at Bremen Theatre.

Check-in is in the foyer and can be accessed by the main staircase (straight ahead as you walk in the doors).

Curriculum 2016

We believe in investing in the next generation and have developed a comprehensive teaching curriculum covering various topics in the Bible.

Follow our teaching curriculum with this online resource. You’ll find an overview of the topics discussed each week and a sample of some of the videos we use in our teaching curriculum.

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