Next Step Sundays | Copenhagen


The first week we will go through the vision and mission of Hillsong Church and how it is outworked both locally and globally.

Week two will be about what we believe the Bible says about God and how that applies to our lives individually and corporately as a church – in other words, the theology of our church.

The last session will explore how we are structured: leadership, accountability, tithing, volunteer teams and so forth. It will also be possible to ask questions in every session.

Junior Leadership Program (5+)

Equipping children with leadership skills and experience so that they can serve others in confidence and humility. We want them to choose to serve in all their spheres of influence; to serve their families, within their classrooms and in their local community.

Connect Group Leaders Training

Are you curious about what it means to lead a connect group? Do you want to grow in your ability as a connect group leader? Then these three training sessions are for YOU.

Through practical and interactive teaching we aim to EQUIP YOU to understand why we do what we do, provide you with strategy on how to effectively facilitate a Bible Study or handle a difficult situation, clearly outline the expectation placed on a leader, and of course answer your questions. Our goal is to help you be the best connect group leader you can be.

Tools for life

Financial Freedom

Financial Freedom will be a 3 week course.

Do you believe it is possible to completely change your life in a matter of weeks? This course will provide you with the opportunity and the tools to make that happen, regardless of your current financial situation.