Hillsong Creative Podcast Ep 050

Jul 19 2019

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On the heels of Hillsong Conference 2019, this episode is a taste of Conference, as we throwback to one of our favourite episodes from Season 3, a chat with Chris Tomlin from Hillsong Conference.

Chris Tomlin is a world-renowned songwriter and worship leader. In the last 3 decades, there are few who have had as much impact on Christian music as Chris, having given the global Church worship anthems such as ‘How Great Is Our God’, ‘Indescribable’ and ‘Amazing Grace (My Chains Are Gone)’. In this wide-ranging interview with Cass Langton, you’ll get to know Chris as much more than a musician, as he walks listeners through key stages of his life, whether it be the start of his marriage or the creative process to writing many of his songs.