Hillsong Creative Podcast Ep 058

Sep 27 2019

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What’s the secret behind Hillsong’s influential worship music? It’s actually not a secret at all – it’s first and foremost the grace of God. It’s also a team of people who are committed to the vision and direction set by their Senior Pastor. Long before Hillsong songs were sung by millions of people around the world every week, Pastor Brian Houston was creating & leading the culture of a worshipping church, and inspiring his own creative team to push the boundaries of leading worship and pointing people to Jesus.

In this episode, we pull back the curtain and give you a sneak peak into what our pastor says to his creative team, what he expects from us and the reasons why! Pastor Brian came to Team Night specifically to encourage, inspire, and refocus us towards 13 practical things that he’d love us to move forward in.

Whether we are up front as the worship leader, behind a console pushing faders, or in the back row of the choir, we can all contribute to leading others and pointing them to Jesus. This episode is an invitation to all creatives to grow and lift their perspective! P.S. to join the Hillsong Worship & Creative Conference “Online Experience”, use the promo code PODCAST19 when you register: hillsong.com/wcc/online