Kindness is No Small Thing

Sep 26 2019

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Kindness is no small thing…

…it leads to repentance.
…it leads Home.
…it leads us to where the heart of heaven is.

It’s a gift and attribute.

Scripture says that “it is the kindness of Christ that leads us to repentance” (Romans 2:4) — therefore kindness (in its purest form) is at the very essence of who God is.

It’s a fruit or evidence of the Holy Spirit.

I hope and pray always, that regardless of what others may (naively or intentionally dish out), that I will always respond with Christ-like kindness! Goals are good right!

AND… “Kindness Rules” was foundational to what has become a Sisterhood Movement around the world.

Our endless hope that we will be…
Moved by kindness…
Inspired by kindness…
Led by kindness…
Protected by kindness.

With love,