Worship Leader Thoughts: Leading at Your Trust Level

Sep 13 2019

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I can lead in our Hillsong Church and conferences now in a way I couldn’t have/wouldn’t have 15 years ago because that trust and rapport with our leadership and our congregation has been built over 15 years. ⁣

At every stage in this journey of serving I have led to the level at which I am trusted. ⁣

Doing this has, in turn, built trust. As the boundary of trust grows larger, I can then lead to that new, extended boundary – all the while respecting it, valuing it, keeping it safe. ⁣

You don’t build trust by pushing and stretching it, but by valuing and keeping it. ⁣

Don’t lead beyond your trust level. Lead to the level at which you’re trusted and do so BOLDLY. If you’re not sure, ask (your leadership). And then go for it!