Amplified Arts Academy

Sep 5 2018

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“We believe that every young person should be given the opportunity to explore their passion for the arts and we are excited to raise up a new generation of creative talent.”
– Amplified Arts Academy

As our performing arts academy, Amplified wants to equip young people with the skills and technical ability to make an impact in their chosen field, but also ensure that each student has the self-worth and belief to step out in confidence, whilst carving their path in the creative industry.

Amplified’s creative classes offer a professional, safe and nurturing environment for those aged between 4-21 years old, where every individual matters. With students being placed in their class of “best fit,” the tailored teaching programmes ensure that every student’s potential is maximised, regardless of their level of entry.

The same is true for our volunteers. One of them, Morgan Olyver, joined Amplified because of the incredible work he had heard some of the trainers were doing in the community by teaching young boys and girls at one of our Refugee Response programs. Morgan has now been with the academy for one academic year as a Venue Operations lead at the Bermondsey campus. Volunteering with Amplified has had a personal impact in his life in terms of helping him to do something significant for others and not expecting anything in return. He has also learned new skills in the areas of venue operations, health & safety, production, admin, and so on.

“One of the biggest impacts that AMP brings to the local communities is that we facilitate the enrollment of gifted kids who live in challenged and underprivileged households,” says Morgan. “We do this by providing sponsorships to the ones who otherwise would not have the opportunity to come in and showcase their talents.”

The team is always looking for volunteers: if you are excited about serving God and people in a performing arts context, fill the form at

Morgan Olyver performing at Hillsong Church, Sydney


We are also thrilled to announce the opening of our new location in King’s Cross. With this new venue, we hope to reach a wider audience and make it easier for kids from North London to take part in our activities.

As every start of term, we open our doors to new students or anyone interested in experiencing one of our performing arts streams – completely for free! Come along to our very first Taster Day in King’s Cross, or join us in South Bermondsey as usual, on Saturday 8th September from 12-3:15pm. There will be the option to trial a free class (Dance, Act and Vocals), and if you enjoy it, from there you can easily chat to one of our instructors about continuing on for the rest of the term.

Register here for the Taster Day in King’s Cross and South Bermondsey. If you can’t make it to the Taster Day, register your interest for Amplified, and the team will contact you with further details on term days, class times and all you need to know.