Kindness that makes a way

The CityCare Easter initiative provides a practical way for our church to show love to those in need in our backyard by shopping items that can all be bought at grocery stores.

The CityCare Easter initiative is the practical outworking of the Easter message that cross = love. It aims to show families and individuals in our communities that we care about them and that they belong here. Our congregations are encouraged to donate grocery items, by bringing in bags of groceries during weekend services leading up to Easter.

The groceries are either distributed directly to refugee families, the homeless community and elderly we know personally, or through shelters we partner with in our communities.

Deadline for handing in items across all locations:

Easter Sunday, April 21



How to participate

1. Pick up shopping list and a grocery bag from the CityCare stand or view it here.

2. Fill the bag with some or all of the items on the shopping list specific for you city.


3. Hand in the groceries at the CityCare stand in the foyer during weekend services before Easter Sunday, April 21.


It is also possible volunteer with CityCare in Copenhagen, Aarhus and Malmö.

Please sign up here, if you are interested in helping packing and handing out food bags to people in need between April 23 and April 27.

Packing: Tuesday April 23

Handout: Saturday April 27

Handout: Saturday April 27
Packing: Sunday April 21, after the service at Train.
Handout: Wednesday April 24


Shopping List


Homeless street outreach:

Chocolate /granola bars
Cup noodles
Plastic camping (thermo) mug
Fleece blanket
Snack cup from Knorr


Nursing home outreach

Hypoallergenic hand or face lotion
Year calendar
Wash cloth
Dried fruit

Homeless street outreach

Chocolate / granola bars
Cup noodles
Plastic camping (thermo) mug
Fleece blanket
Snack cup from Knorr

Refugee family outreach

Simple family games
Netto gift cards*
Easy-to-read Danish books

*We only accept gift cards of 100,- as we want to ensure that every family receives the same gift value.


Youth refugee outreach

Sports bag
Sports socks unisex

Homeless shelter outreach

Deodorant unisex
Shower soap unisex
Socks unisex
Underpants men and women


Help collect the following items for the homeless community in Aalborg by making a financial donation to the Easter initiative:

Homeless street outreach:

Chocolate / granola bars
Cup noodles
Plastic camping (thermo) mug
Fleece blanket
Snack cup from Knorr

*We do not accept used items.


Please email [email protected] or visit the CityCare stand in the foyer for details on how to transfer a financial gift.