Sisterhood is a company of everyday women, who desire to make a difference & make the world a better place.

We believe in the power of community and a collective spirit and our heartbeat is to place value upon womanhood. As a Sisterhood, we want to make sure that every woman in our church is connected. If you would like to meet some likeminded girls that live in your area, you can contact us or chat to the sisterhood team in the foyer. During the year we gather all the women of our Church for Sisterhood mornings and Sisterhood Nights – check out when the next event is on here

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We meet throughout the week in Sisterhood Connect Groups. Connect Groups are at the heartbeat of our church, they are our commitment to create a healthy sense of community and family.


A community of mums living in Copenhagen; either you are expecting, on maternity leave, stay-at home mum, visiting Copenhagen or just looking for a play group to connect with other mums - either way you are welcome to join us.


Sisterhood United Night is about gathering, equipping and mobilizing women. We believe in empowering you to live life fiercely, passionately and bravely no matter where you are in your walk!


Every once in a while we meet for Sisterhood mornings/picnics and special events that target the growth of the girls and women in our life.

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The Sisterhood has always been about championing everyday girls to BE THE CHANGE IN THEIR WORLD with a focus on vulnerable groups within society. It’s not about how much or how little resource you have. There are countless ways to bring positive change to our world. Simply doing one thing can make an immense difference to one person.

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