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The vision of Kingdom Builders was birthed out of a prayer from Pastor Brian – a prayer for a strategy to raise finance for our building programs. Its primary focus was to encourage the spirit of financial leadership amongst our church members. Launched in 1996, it was called ‘100 Kingdom Men’ after the story of the Centurion, who was a leader over 100 men, found in Matthew 8:5-13. In this first year, the 100 individuals generously gave just over one million dollars.

From this first inception, this group evolved to be known as Kingdom People. What began as a small group has grown significantly to include hundreds of people who believe that part of their calling is to financially resource God’s House over and above their tithes and offerings.

Giving into the Hillsong Foundation no longer just supports our building initiatives, although building facilities to house the work of the Lord is vitally important to who we are and where we are headed. These faithful groups of people have also taken on the spiritual and financial responsibility associated with funding Hillsong CityCare and all the projects and programs associated with assisting our local community, as well as resourcing projects and programs that reach the poor and destitute around the world.

The Hillsong Foundation is for anyone who calls Hillsong HOME. It is for those who would love to contribute financially to extend God’s Kingdom in practical ways, with a fundamental belief that we give ‘unto the Lord’.

It is not about equal giving but equal sacrifice.



I remember this phrase as a child (referencing the verse in Colossians) being a catalyst for my mindset as I grew older and made decisions about my future. Now, watching my grandchildren grow and imagining what jobs they might hold, what paths they might follow, my heart’s cry for them is still ‘whatever you do, do it unto the Lord’.

We are all called to different vocations. Our church is made up of hardworking men and women, successful entrepreneurs, creative and patient stay at home parents, brilliant and inventive students, caring and community-minded retiree’s, and everything in between. The diversity of jobs and roles that we all play Monday-Friday is astounding, and the amount of generous kingdom-minded people that we have the privilege to pastor continues to make me feel like the most blessed man alive.

The Hillsong Foundation is an avenue for each and every person that calls Hillsong HOME to thoughtfully steward the resources that are in their hand and to put into practice the biblical principles of generosity and sow ‘seed’ into both our church and local and global communities. For many years, the Hillsong Foundation has advanced the kingdom of God by building nations and building lives. The practical work of this foundation has carved a path for hundreds of thousands of people to experience the tangible love of Christ through planting local churches, feeding hungry children, educating entire villages and reaching into places we may never have the chance to go in person, ourselves.

It is my prayer that you too will have a testimony about God’s blessing and provision as you give – trusting Him with your future. We will always have more vision than resource – and we are once again dreaming big and believing God to provide miracles as we collectively bring our best sacrifice unto the Lord.

Thank you for your faithfulness,


Senior Pastors Hillsong Church