WELCOME HOME is more than our desire for this House to be a safe place of rest, it is a prophetic declaration calling the lost home to Jesus. Through the Hillsong Foundation, we are enabled to build strength into our church as we grow, stretch and hopefully expand into much needed facilities. We continue to expand and strengthen our facilities and services. Church is growing and with that blessing comes logistical challenges as well.We always want to be a place that can welcome people into facilities and services that are excellent and serve people in the best way possible – whether it is welcoming people with a cup of coffee, kids into an amazing space or an auditorium that serves people in the best way possible. As church continues to grow, the need for midweek facilities continues to increase as well.

The Hillsong Foundation prepares the church as well for the day when a God-opportunity to invest in facilities arrives. Welcoming people home is a grand responsibility, and we want to do our part in clearing the way for Jesus in Denmark and Malmö. We firmly believe that this year is a year to build on the foundations laid these past 8 years in both Denmark and Malmö. That God would trust us to play a part in establishing HIS CHURCH in our nations is such an honour. Together we can build a stronger community where we are, that allows us to influence the rest of the world.