2017 Annual Report

Hillsong Church Australia

34 years on, in an ever-shifting social and economic climate, Hillsong Church remains focused on the gospel of Jesus Christ, and unified in our commitment to carrying this message; caring for the poor and working to bring solutions to the needs within our communities.

In 2017, I encouraged our church to carry a sense of “I Am The One”; a message focused personally that encouraged everyone to believe that you are the one that God has chosen, you are the one that God has graced, you are the one who can stand in the gap of need and solution; who can show this same value to your own communities. Already, we have heard great reports of the personal initiatives birthed from people carrying this sense of purposeful living.

Globally, we have created more opportunities for people to be connected to one another around the message of Jesus with the launch of weekly services in Norway, Portugal and San Francisco. Hillsong Israel began in 2016 and continues building momentum this year with regular small group gatherings. We also added a new location in Bali.

We remain dedicated to helping people find salvation in Christ, hope and peace, and saw over 33,000 people make a decision for Jesus through our programs and services in 2017. As a church, we continued to respond to the humanitarian crisis at large in Aleppo, Syria and Mosul, Iraq. In Iraq, Hillsong Church partnered with Preemptive Love Coalition and World Vision Australia to provide emergency relief to families displaced by violence.

Here in Australia, Hillsong CityCare partnered with local organisations and the Hillsong Sisterhood to support families in need, including some of the most vulnerable in our community, such as refugees and those affected by domestic violence. We continued to provide individuals and families with food supplies through our Gold Coast Storehouse and Emergency Relief program, supported many in prisons and detention centres, and brought practical aid to dozens of our own neighbours in cities across this nation.

We held our first Worship and Creative Conference which exceeded our expectations – we saw over 6,000 delegates join us both on site and via streaming, representing 19 church denominations and 51 countries.

In 2017, our Hillsong Youth and Young & Free Teams launched a Schools Tour for the first time. These were seminar style presentations held in 16 high schools across Australia. These presentations were aimed at empowering young people with practical tools to deal with issues such as bullying, drugs and alcohol misuse.

On March 5, we had the honour of hosting the Anglican Archbishop of Sydney, the Most Reverend Dr Glenn Davies, as we celebrated the Bible Society’s 200th anniversary year. Churches from across many denominations joined together with our church both live and online from 50 locations. It was an incredible day attesting to the life-giving answers found in the Bible and to unity in the church.

As always, Bobbie and I are thankful for the Board of Hillsong Church for their ongoing dedication to ensure our Church home is thriving and operating with good governance.

We count it a privilege to pastor Hillsong Church and know that it is because of the contribution of each and every one, that we are able to have a remarkable impact; ordinary people who make extraordinary sacrifices to love God, love people and build the church.

We have seen God’s faithfulness expand what is in our hearts and hands, and it is by His grace that we are able to continue carrying His message of hope, extending love and practical support to so many lives within our beautiful nation and beyond.

Brian & Bobbie Houston