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Colour is a global movement of everyday women, with hope in their heart and “change” in their step. A twenty-two year journey has seen this diverse and fabulous host of women help multitudes of others. If making the world a better place resonates with you, you belong within this miracle story.

My prayer… is that we shall continue to be a global sisterhood who champion the feminine heart in all her beauty and brilliance. My prayer… is that as we “set sail” in our own convictions and calling, we will continue to bless the world we inhabit with unshakable faith and hope. My prayer… is that every daughter – regardless of age, background, culture or ethnicity – will know that she is believed in and that her story and place within society matters.

The Colour Conference heads into the future with these convictions in mind. Proverbs 31 paints a metaphor of a striking and influential woman — “She is like a trading ship, that sails to faraway places and brings back exotic surprises”. I’m sure the merchant ships of ancient times brought back surprises of silk and spices and the like, but for me, the metaphor speaks of an enriched and awakened life in Christ – a life that brings wisdom and goodness into the everyday rooms of everyday life.

I’m believing that in 2018, the Spirit of God has impartations and surprises for all of us. I pray that you (and everyone you choose to bring) will join me as we continue to set bold sail into the “glorious” days that await us. He loves you. Believes in you. And has a fabulous future planned for you. See you in 2018.

Love always, Bobbie.
Host and Founder of Colour Conference & The Colour Sisterhood

A Prayer for the Barren Woman

We have had so many miraculous praise reports, so feel free to share this link with someone struggling, and let us know if you have a story to share.


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