Connect Groups

Making church small

Connect Groups are all about being family together. Pastor Brian often talks about us being “a small church with a lot of people.”

Connect Groups are small groups of people who meet together across our City; to do life together, eat great food, study God’s Word and pray.

We have all kinds of groups: groups that meet for breakfast in city café’s, groups of girls who meet after Sisterhood on Thursday; groups who meet in people’s homes on Tuesday Nights and long etcetera.

We want to help you find the best group that works for you! By being part of a Connect Group we can care for you, pray for you and encourage you to be all God has called you to be.

How to find a connect group

One of the best ways is to visit the Welcome Lounge after the service so we can personally introduce you to the right Connect Group leader.

If we can’t find the right leader there and then, we will grab your details and connect you via MyHillsong to the best option for you (If we use MyHillsong, both you and the connect group leader identified will receive each other’s contact details so you can get connected).

Another option is to look for a Connect Group using our online search system – click the link below where you can login and click ‘Find a Connect Group’.

Remember, we are happy for you to try a few groups until you find the right one for you!