Heart For The House | South Africa

We're building a church, that is all about building this nation.

These are the words God spoke into our hearts, as we planted Hillsong Church in South Africa 8 years ago. We believe more than ever this promise from Malachi 3 is for South Africa! You may look around and think of other words to describe what you see, but we believe God has amazing plans for this beautiful country.

This is our HOME. We all live here together, with one vision and one goal, to help build a brighter future for the generations to come. We believe God has positioned us as a church in South Africa to help build the lives of individuals through bringing the good news of Jesus to every single person. We’re not just here to build a great church, we are here to help build a great nation. We believe out of our church will come the next great leaders in government, education, business, arts and entertainment, sports, media. We believe to see leaders raised up that will shape the future of this nation and have an impact in every sphere of society.

Our Heart for the House is a special once-a-year offering over and above our normal tithes and offerings. It’s an opportunity for all of us to contribute and see the church strong and healthy.


Our contribution together is given in faith, not because of what we see, but because of God’s promise to bless this nation and to make it a nation that will be a blessing to the rest of Africa and beyond.

We are thankful for all that God has done in our church, yet we know it’s just the beginning. If you call Hillsong South Africa your home, we encourage you to pray about your contribution and ask God to give you a vision of what’s possible. We have a generous church and we know that everyone will do what they can. It’s not about equal giving but about equal sacrifice.

As we bring this offering, we are believing for new roads of opportunities to open up and for new rivers of provision to accomplish all that God desires to do, in and through our lives.

It’s going to be a miraculous year!

Love & blessings,

Phil & Lucinda Dooley

Then all the nations will call you blessed, for Yours will be a delightful land.

Heart for the House Booklet