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Who we are

Hillsong Youth Services (HYS) seeks to serve the youth community of Australia by partnering with local schools and empowering young people to live life to their full potential. We operate both formal and informal programs in both schools and in community youth hubs.

We provide practical support through mentoring, recreation and skills-based vocational programs such as Shine and Strength personal development curriculums.

Our goals are to improve students sense of personal worth and ability to make positive choices, help them grow in their awareness of others and to contribute to their community, increase positive school attendance, disarm bullying and encourage healthy social engagement.


Programs & Services



ShineGIRL is an accredited course designed for teenage girls to develop an understanding of her personal worth, strength and purpose. It is a great platform for young women to develop a strong foundation and realise their full potential.

String Movement

String Movement

The String Movement believes in disarming the power of bullying in order that those that have participated in bullying, and those affected can experience freedom. The power of bullying holds people in a position where they feel trapped, chained and unable to escape.
We believe in resourcing young people at a grass roots level empowers them as individuals to see change in their own lives and the lives of the people in their community.



Strength is an accredited personal development course for young males to equip them to discover and strengthen their value, identity and potential. The course encourages boys that they can make right choices to be significant contributors to their world.


Sign Up Your School

Want to invite HYS to your school to run a free BBQ? Maybe a free Brekky? Or even run a Shine and Strength program in your school? Click here to send us your details and we’ll be in contact with you how we can help you in your school.

School Testimonies

We love hearing all the incredible stories from HYS in your school. Here are all the stories of how Shine, Strength or even a HYS BBQ has impacted your school. Read all your amazing stories here.

School Resources

At HYS, we are all about empowering you in your school. Here we have all our School’s Toolkits for you to download, like ‘How to run an awesome lunch-time group’, ‘How to disarm bullying in your High School’ and more.

Information for Teachers & Parents

Interested to learn more about HYS and the services we have to offer? Click here to arrange a meeting or learn more about how we can serve you.


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