Colour Stories: Kayzeal | Los Angeles
Colour Stories: Kayzeal

Colour Stories: Kayzeal

15 April 2017

Volunteering as a photographer for Colour Conference offered me a different perspective of the whole experience. I was able to capture, suspended in time, moments of lives changed. I was a little bummed out that I couldn’t sit in for the whole conference, but nonetheless, I grabbed bits and pieces of the guest speakers here and there, which changed my perspective of what was taking place.


Worship has the ability to put the thoughts of our hearts into songs of praise. You’re at your most vulnerable state because that’s when you start to really pour out your heart and soul to God. It’s a time of full-on surrender as you let God work through you. My assignment for the last two sessions was to photograph these intimate moments. I felt the atmosphere in the room overflow with God’s presence, and found myself in tears. As I photographed women praising God, many with such raw emotions, seeing other women cry was contagious. I was in awe of how God can transform the lives of so many people. Toward the end of Colour, I actually stopped taking pictures and just worshiped, with my camera in one hand and my other hand up in praise, I was so overcome by God’s presence.
I started getting emotional looking back through some of the shots, particularly this one:


The picture evokes such a strong feeling. It depicts the power of God moving through her, and the rest of the women at Colour. This conference has left me feeling empowered, not just as a human being, but as a woman of God.