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We Must Do Something

We Must Do Something

7 April 2017

Only a few short  days until we gather together at our very first Colour Conference ( insert screams of excitement!!) in Los Angeles:  a conference where women from all over the world  gather together to be inspired locally and globally to make an impact.

As we labor in preparation for the days ahead, and put the finishing touches on “preparing the table” with love and excellence the best we know how. I pray that we never lose sight of the REAL reason WHY we gather. It’s beyond the lights, creative elements, and pamper booths. Its much more than a ” one day event ” for girls to come and get their spiritual fill then leave. We gather to lift up the name of Jesus: To know HIM & to make HIM known. We gather to stand in the gap for those enduring heartache and pain, (which so many are) through worship and warfare. And we gather to make a lasting difference for good on the earth.

On Tuesday, April 4th, 2017 we received news of a chemical terrorist attack on Syria, leaving dozens of innocent people and children killed, and countless fearing for their lives. These attacks are horrific as they are heartbreaking. Our prayer is that we wouldn’t  overlook what has happened or pass it off for “someone else” to fix. That we would resist the temptation to deem the situation to be beyond help causing us only to become paralyzed in our thinking, and do nothing.

Our heartfelt prayer is that in the midst of times like these, we would choose empathy,  and not only CHOOSE it but then go on to that empathy move us to action.

That we wouldn’t  hold back our generosity, or see the heartbreaking situations as something we have no power to change. The truth is, as the body of Christ, we are called to stare this darkness in the face, and declare that LIGHT ALWAYS WINS, in Jesus name!

Psalms 46 is a perfect reminder to us in times like these.

it says that

God is our refuge and strength,

always ready to help in times of trouble.

So we will not fear.

This tells us that there indeed will be times of trouble and fear but to remember that IN THOSE  MOMENTS It is God that needs to remain our strength and refuge. We are not called to be afraid but rather to make a difference both individually and collectively as HIS church.

I love that our church has a revelation that we may not be able to do everything, but we must do something. I pray that we would always be reminded that we are called to be the hands and feet of Jesus. We need to run towards the situation instead of looking away.

Here is a message from Jeremy Courtney, Founder of Preemptive Love:

“Hillsong family … Would you tell them that all hope is not lost, even though these are dark days? We are pressed, we are devastated, we are bawling and screaming at the heavens, but we are not yet totally crushed. We are not giving up. We moved here on this side of the world to run toward the violence for such a time as this, to join God in the renewal of all things, for The More Beautiful World Our Hearts Know is Possible. Jessica and I can reach a few thousand people. But you! You can reach tens of millions of people today through your social media, email and the well-placed friends God has given you… I dare say, given you for moments like this. For kids like these. Kids like yours and mine”.

So be encouraged lovely people that we have it within our means to do so much. We can fervently pray. Prayer changes things.  we can give, giving makes a way where there is no way. And we can stand together on this earth as a force of light to a lost and hurting world.

We can’t do everything, but we must do something…

All my love,

Lucille Houston