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Why Colour Isn't Just For Girly Girls

Why Colour Isn't Just For Girly Girls

4 April 2017

I was the perfect example of a tomboy growing up. That whole “argue with mom about putting on a dress” scenario was a regular in my house. I liked my pet turtle, cars and roller blading (because roller skating was for girls, but roller blading? Now that was cool.)

As an adult, I slowly accepted more feminine things in my life. The car posters came down. I owned a pink shirt. I painted my nails. But there was still this side of me that got a little bit nauseous every time I heard high pitched laughter or a conversation that started with “omg I have to tell you about this skirt I found!”

Then I joined Hillsong Church and became a part of the Sisterhood. I know, it sounds like I joined a chick’s biker gang, but no, I have not donned leathers or taken any oaths. Actually, what I did was join a group of girls who understand that being a woman is far more than what I wear or what diet I’m on or what color my shirt is. These girls know that womanhood is a gift- a necessity, really- to this earth to bring balance and completion to God’s design. They know that womanhood is strong. It is fierce. It’s not meant to be competitive or comparing, but it’s meant to protect and uplift those around us.

Colour is for ALL girls, not just the girly ones. Yes, you will hear a LOT of high pitched laughter. You will see a TON of pink and flowers and glitter. But you will also encounter a group of individuals who are seeking God in all His complexity and diversity; seeking Him who brings peace and healing; the One who changes and transforms. You will find yourself commissioned to go out into the world and help those in need- whether you wear a dress or Cons! You will find that God has something special to say to YOU, individually, so don’t let a few bits of confetti and a few thousands girly girls scare you off. You are free (encouraged, even!) to be who you are at Colour.

And hey, if you walk away wanting to buy a flower crown to go with your ripped jeans and Chucks, no one will judge you for that either.

If all else fails and you really feel out of place or a tiny bit frightened by the amount of dresses in view, you can always come sit with me. I’ll be the one in the black tee and jeans.

Janice xx