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Cindy's Story

Cindy's Story

22 May 2017

I’m on 24% and my baby is almost gonna wake up so I’ll try to make this quick …


I’ve been thinking a lot lately about who God is in our lives as individuals. I’ve wondered if I’ve gotten to the point of knowing all of him or what I’m still missing to experience.

I’m starting to think that that is the wonder and the beauty of the God I believe in.  

Just a couple weeks ago I feel I went through the hardest time of my life. I had never felt so hopeless or scared in my life. I had given birth to a beautiful little boy but quickly we received news that he wasn’t well. I thought this news would change right away as I prayed a fast prayer and waited for the Doctor to come back with different results. She didn’t. My boy was getting worse, and I was told he needed to stay at the hospital for a longer period of time. My heart broke and I couldn’t contain my tears as the Doctor explained why, and the decision was made.

As I cried and was covered in tears I thought of my God. The God who I believed in, the God I had sung to over and over again and the God who I knew was the prince of Peace.  I looked up and cried out His name. I didn’t have a prayer to pray but I knew He had heard the cry of my heart. In that moment I felt His overwhelming peace as He entered the room and I knew He was present.

I heard Him say, ” I’m with you and it will all be ok ” I didn’t know what that meant and I didn’t know what the next couple days would look like, but I knew I could trust Him and I knew in that moment I needed ONLY His strength and ONLY His peace to carry us through.

We spent a week driving to and from the hospital every morning and night to be with our little one. We had our family and friends pray for his complete healing and although I felt it was beyond difficult – we felt our God carry us through every day and every situation. He completely turned this week around.

We were able to see another side of the hospital and interact with nurses, doctors and parents that we wouldn’t have otherwise. Yes, we still had tears and questions but we felt His peace every morning and every night till we finally drove away with our baby boy.

It’s funny how our God works…

He wants our Faith

He wants our trust and He wants us to believe in his promises and His word.

He usually does the rest. Whether the outcome is what we envisioned or not, the miracles happen in the process-as we are believing and putting our faith in Him.

He remains good in every situation.

Ryder is 1month now! he is healthy and so beautiful and we love him so much!!


Cindy xx