Alfonso Brigham's Connect Group Story

9 January 2018

I have lived in San Francisco for several years and after going through many of those years thinking I can do life by myself, without community, I realized that it was not working for me. I was feeling alone, isolated and unwanted since San Francisco can be such a transient city.

I wanted to join a Connect Group to build community and long-lasting friendships in the Bay Area. For me, Connect Group is a place where I can be myself and be accepted for who I am. I find that I am being strengthened as we discuss life, bear each other’s burdens and celebrate our victories together.

Being part of Connect Group has given me a great community and long-lasting relationships that exist to this day. I have realized that going through life’s troubles in community is a lot more joyful than going through them by yourself.

I have found people who I can go to when life is going great or when I’m faced with life’s difficult challenges. Through this community, I have grown as a person and I have learned to be more forgiving, loving and accepting of other people.

I would encourage anyone that wants to find community, make lasting friendships and grow as a person to join a Connect Group. There is no reason not to join. There is only upside. You will find that by going and doing life together you will have more joy and frankly find quicker solutions to life’s challenges because God has a way of speaking to us through people and in this community you will find those individuals that God will use to speak to wisdom into your life. Don’t miss out – go find a connect near you!