Anugreh's Connect Group Experience

4 January 2018

When I was 18 I moved to Australia 🇦🇺 for @hillsongcollege. It was a brand new experience, I had never lived on my own prior to then.

I remember many many students around me constantly speaking about how homesick they felt. I just couldn’t relate to them. Sounds mean but I now realise that was because within 2 weeks of landing in Sydney I had joined a connect. I left my family in Bahrain 🇧🇭and joined a new family in Sydney.

My connect leaders were incredible, they were all about making memories. We constantly went on adventures! All you can eat steak, cliff jumping, beach trips, trekking, late night drives, salsa dancing, weekend getaways, Maccas run (in Australia that’s what you call a trip to Mc Donald’s with friends) & many many more spontaneous adventures. I’ll never forget the time we went to the Bondi beach for connect, we read the Bible, prayed for each other and then at about 9pm we all jumped into the the cold bondi water & unfortunately my beloved connect group leader got stung by a jellyfish! It sucked for her then, but it makes a great story now.

One impacting memory that will never leave me was the time I was out of Australia visiting my parents and I received an email saying my landlord wanted me and housemates to move out of his house as soon as possible because he wanted to sell it. I panicked because all my possessions were all in the house and I wasn’t in the country to move it out. So I sent them a quick text and asked if they could help me out and with no hesitation they replied back “I got you. Don’t worry. We will handle it. ” So on their day off 4 of the guys from my connect went to my house, packed all my stuff and moved it to another house. They had no obligation to help! They simply wanted to because we were family.

These people were there for me through thick & thin, and are still there for me now. We served together, laughed together, encountered God together. I love these people with all my heart!

And I want that for every person that is reading this! If you’re not part of a connect, do yourself a favour & join the family. Your life will be so much richer!