De Leon Family's Connect Group Story

19 January 2018

I remember my first time walking to a Connect Group meeting, I had no idea what a Connect Group was. I had gone with a friend, because I thought she needed to find some sort of peace in a situation she was going through at the time. Never did I think I would be the one finding new friends, community; that I would be finding home. The overwhelming feeling of happiness, joy, and sense of home is what keeps me coming back. I went a few times before my husband and my girls came with me. As a family we found a place where we were loved and cared for in a way we have never felt before.

At the time Joe and Luz Burg were our Connect leaders. They were so kind and loving to us – they made us feel like there was a place for us there as a family. We keep going and keep seeing how God was moving in life. He brought healing to our marriage, to our family, bonded us stronger as a family, he brought new friends whom we have grown to love as family. He brought us home – a home we have been longing for.

My husband, Elias and I never thought we would be leading a Connect Group. Fast forward a few months later we have opened the doors to our home to start a Connect Group. The journey getting here wasn’t easy, we had our doubts, and questions but once we just decided to do it regardless how we felt we saw God move in a beautiful way.

We love our Connect Group and all those who come. My little girls always look forward to it. They love welcoming everyone and just love having everyone around. As parents, we love that we get to show our girls what it is to love others and if you open the doors not only to your home but to your heart, God can take what you have and transform it into something beautiful. When we look back, we can see how God has used our home and our family to be a home for others, and seeing that motivated us to continue to open our doors to others.