Ryan & Jordan's Connect Group Experience

4 January 2018

We moved to Los Angeles from New York City in 2016. While life in NYC can be an isolating place for many people, for us it was as comforting as home can be — and our community of friends and involvement in church there made it feel like a small town instead of a big city. After a lot of prayer and planning, we made the move from New York to LA  two months after our wedding day. While we were excited for a new start, we suddenly found ourselves extremely isolated on the west coast.

After months of getting to know our new community and trying to figure out where we fit, we still found ourselves craving something a bit deeper, where we could get to know people and be known beyond the surface. Eventually, we ended up finding everything we had been searching for in our Connect Group.

Being a part of our Connect has changed the way we look at life in LA. We went from being isolated to being involved, from surviving to thriving, and from being on our own to belonging in a community. Connect has given us a family that has encouraged us to learn more about God, love others more, and to bring other people along for the journey.

If you find yourself feeling a little lost, fighting loneliness, or just feeling a bit disconnected from the life of our church — we’d encourage you to attend a Connect Group. Take that step forward and watch what God can do when you do.