Will Peddie's Connect Group Experience

7 January 2018

I have always been surrounded by teammates through sports and I love Proverbs 27:17, “ As iron sharpens iron so one man sharpens another”. I lead a Men’s connect group because I felt called to live that out and didn’t want to sit around waiting. In the past, I knew I needed other men in my life to provide wisely counsel and I either didn’t seek it out or I let my own pride get in the way so I want to build a foundation of accountability that men can reach out and do life together. We need it as a church, society, and individually.

One of the most memorable or impactful moments from the small group has been the consistency starting to form and the friendships starting to established. We went from 1-3 guys to about 10 on average with our new morning meetings. Just goes to show that when you hear God speak, just show up, get out of the way, and He will do the rest. It’s only the beginning with our church’s men’s ministry and big things are coming in 2018!


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