Connect Groups

Feb 14

We weren’t meant to do life alone!

Whether you’ve only been to one of our services or you’ve been a part of Hillsong church for decades, you will never not hear about the importance of connect groups and being a part of community within our church.

It’s often said by our Global Senior Pastor Brian Houston that we are actually just a small church with a lot of people. And what that means is that we as a church family understand how invaluable building and nurturing close relationships is – we don’t want people to ever feel unseen or unimportant – one life can make so much of a difference!

So jump in a connect group! Find your people to laugh with, cry with, pray with, and eat good food with, and let’s do this journey together!

(For more information on how to find a connect group near you, visit or check out our info desk at any location!)