Never Have I Ever

Words and Music by Joshua Grimmett, Michael Fatkin & Melodie Wagner-Mäkinen

I was running wild
Fell in love with the chase
I’ve been up and down
And all over the place
Wasting all my days and nights
Never feeling satisfied

Putting on a smile
I was keeping it fake
But there’s no imitating
What I’ve found in Your grace
All the things I left behind
Are shadows now I’ve seen the light

In my head and my soul
My heart my all
I know that I know know know know

Never never have I ever
Ever found a love so good so good
Never never am I ever
Ever getting over living with You

Nothing will change it
All I can say is
Never never have I ever
Ever found a love so good so good

I’ve got a million reasons
Why I can’t be the same
You’ve got me looking forward
Never turning my gaze
Forever God it’s You and I
Together till the end of time

Your love is patient
Love is kind
Your love is never hard to find
Forever I am Yours and You’re mine
All right
All right

Never have I ever no
Never have I ever no

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