Statement from Hillsong Church re: A Current Affair story

1st July, 2015

We understand A Current Affair has been promoting a story supposedly about the Hillsong Conference.

They have also been outside our conference today harassing minors in an unethical manner.

Furthermore they have engaged in a cheap publicity stunt by bringing a so called “Hillsong insider” who has not been to our church for 20 years, to our conference today.

We are advised that her behaviour outside the venue resulted in her being apprehended by police.

The behaviour of A Current Affair is reprehensible and this pending story will be no more than a continuation of their anti-Christian agenda and hate.

This story will be entirely fabricated and contain no truth whatsoever as do all of their stories about our church.

We note that as usual the program has not contacted us for comment.

We urge Christians and all who stand for truth in reporting to refuse to even watch or record this tabloid trash, and not give them the reward of ratings, because in the end this is no more than a grab for ratings.