18 February 2013

This story was nothing more than a rehash of the same old false claims that have been discredited in the past. It was full of misinformation and clearly had an anti-church agenda.

Fortunately most Australians view stories like this on tabloid TV as void of all credibility and will rightly dismiss this for what it is – a grab at television ratings at the expense of the beliefs of millions of Christians across the nation.

It is a fundamental right of every person to support organisations of their choice and many who are a part of our church community – just like other Christians – freely choose to give of their time, resources and finances to ensure that the church is able to fulfil its mission of bringing hope to the world through Jesus Christ.

This heart of giving ensures that our church can directly and indirectly help many people across Australia and the world. As well as spiritual and pastoral care, this includes assisting the community through CityCare (see link below) and globally includes Hillsong Aid (see link below).

We have always recognised the need to be accountable and transparent and produce an annual report that is available publicly. The figures given by ACA were taken from publicly available ASIC records which we lodge annually and were presented in isolation simply to suit the program’s agenda; however the facts are very different. We operate an open book policy whereby congregation members are welcome to make an appointment to inspect the audited financial results of the church.

Pastor Brian and Bobbie Houston have previously outlined in detail the facts about their personal salaries, LMI and their position on tax. You can read this here.