Statement from Hillsong Church re: 'Let Hope Rise' movie

January 2015

The producers of the movie ‘Let Hope Rise’, have advised us that while Warner Bros is no longer distributing the movie, there are ongoing positive discussions with other distributors, who have indicated their interest in this project from the start. From Hillsong’s perspective, we have always been in awe that people would be interested in making a movie about our journey, and we remain humbled that there is still such strong interest. That said, this movie and everything else we do, all has one purpose only, and that is pointing people to Jesus. This is and always will be, our priority.

A message from the producers of Hillsong – Let Hope Rise

Sometimes the biggest challenge of producing a film isn’t actually making the movie. (That part is coming along beautifully – as everyone will soon see when we release the trailer in a couple weeks.) In reality, distributing and marketing a film worldwide has a ton of moving parts. As has been reported, unfortunately we just couldn’t make a deal that was agreeable to all parties. This happens sometimes. The good news is that we are almost done with the film and already entertaining offers from several other studios. Stay tuned, as we expect to have news on that shortly.