Heart for the House

Jun 23 2019 | AMS, RTM, BXL

God’s house has made a different impact on all our lives. We were moved by it and prompted to play our part in building it. God called every one of us personally. What is it that gets you so excited about building church? What is your heart for His house? What has God been doing in your life that makes you want everyone else to experience this too?

Heart for the House is a sacrificial annual offering we bring collectively over and above tithes and offerings to expand the mission, vision, and reach of Hillsong Church and maximise the opportunities God has put before us, ultimately to make Jesus known.

The H4H offering goes towards our HOME (strengthening our existing campuses and taking steps toward owning a building), our BACKYARD (being a blessing to the cities we are in), and our WORLD (by supporting Vision Rescue, A21, Compassion and Preemptive Love Coalition).

When is Heart for the House?
On Sunday 23 June

How to give?
You can give by bank transfer, via cash in the container in the service or by filling in the Heart for the House giving card that will be on your seat on 23 June.

Can I get a tax return?
Yes. Stichting Hillsong Church has ANBI status for tax benefits on your giving if you are a Dutch taxpayer.