Youth Summer Camp (11-18)

Aug 13 2019 | 3 PM | Belmont, Ede

Summer camp is not only one of our favorite week of the year, but perhaps also one of the most important. We believe it acts as a means for God to accelerate his work in each young person’s life, and in turn, their families, schools and wider spheres of influence.

Through gospel-led messages and discussions, our kids and youth will have the opportunity to gain and develop values that will set them up in life. We do whatever we can to encourage and empower them to live out their God given purpose and calling in all the years that will come. We believe He’s calling them for big things.

Above all, these weeks are an opportunity for young people to get more deeply planted in the Church’s kids and youth communities, develop life-long friendships, and have a tremendous amount of fun through games, DJ worship and more!

When: From 13 August (15.00) to 16 August 16 (12.00)

Where: 50|50 Hotel en Congrescentrum Belmont, Ede

Ticket Price: 125 euros (excl. Eventbrite fees)

Note: A discount is available for families with multiple children going to Youth and/or Kids Camp. Please be aware that this option is only available for multiple tickets booked in a single order.

What’s Included? 4 days, 3 nights, food and games

What to bring?

Enough clothes for 4 days
Purple or green (depending on which tribe you’re in)
1 set of clothes you don’t mind getting dirty
Bed sheets
Sleeping bag (this is optional if you are bringing a pillowcase, blanket and bed sheets)
Reusable plate
Reusable cup
Reusable cutlery
Reusable water bottle

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