Heart & Soul

Feb 18 2020 | AMS, RTM, BXL

As Hillsong Church, we are part of one house with many rooms. On Vision Sunday, our Global Senior Pastor Brian Houston will have shared the global vision for 2020 with all Hillsong churches worldwide, so that we are all inspired and aligned moving forward this year. Because we all know… the best is yet to come!

On Tuesday 18 February, our Lead Pastor Richard Vanderkolk will share with us how the global vision is outworked locally in the Netherlands and Belgium. This will happen at our Heart & Soul night in one of our three locations:

Amsterdam, TBA
19.30 (but join us for dinner at 18.00)

Lantarenvenster, Rotterdam
19.30 (but join us for dinner at 18.00)

White Cinema/Dockx Brussels

What is a Heart & Soul Night?
If you feel Hillsong is your home, and you want to be a part of what we do and who we are, then this night is for you. Whether you are just joining or have been around for years: you are welcome! We get together a few times a year as the heart and soul of our church for amazing worship, having fun together, prayer, the good food!, volunteer awards and to hear the vision from our pastors.

Read more about Vision Sunday at hillsong.com/visionsunday