Summer Sundays

2 August: Special 12.00 service in Dutch!
9 August: Summer Sunday with Chris Mendez & Hillsong Classics Worship
16 August: Family & Youth Take-Over
23 August: Summer Sunday with Scott Wilson

Doing Summer Together

Connect groups and teams are meeting throughout the summer online and in person. Not in a connect group yet, but want to join the fun? Click the link below and fill in your details.

Kids Summer Camp

Age: 6-11

Kids Camp is at capacity & ticket sales has closed.

Summer Camp is for the children from our church to deepen their personal relationship with God, build life-long friendships and build confidence in who they are. Camps have such a big impact, as the kids are out of their usual environments and just have some days set aside for discipleship, messages, worship, and a lot of fun! It will take place between 11-14 August at YMCA Kampeercentrum Hulshorst in Hierden.

Youth Pop Up Camp

Age: 11-18

Have you missed getting together as much as we did? We would love to meet you at Pop-Up Summer Camp! A one-day ‘camp’ on 15 August, full of faith filled preaching, inspiring testimonies, setting-you-up-for a win workshops & creative items. We believe it’s gonna be refreshing and powerful, so don’t miss out!

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