We're In This Together!

Since the very conception of Hillsong Church, our heart has been to connect, equip and serve the local Church – which includes your ministry and the people in your world, helping you to flourish and reach your God-given potential.

The goal of the Hillsong Leadership Network is to “Champion You & Your Local Church”, and we do this through nurturing relationships with leaders and resourcing you to grow healthy churches, whether that’s through live events you’re invited to or downloadable online resources.

In fact, through the Hillsong Leadership Network we can share with you the combined experience of 30+ years of Hillsong Church, in all its different shapes, sizes and contexts around the world. While Hillsong is definitely not a perfect church, there are Biblical principles we have learned through both trial and error, and through the many varied and valuable partnerships we have held over the years that direct the practical, day-to-day behind-the-scenes of all our ministerial endeavours.

More than ever, I believe that together, as individual believers and churches, we have the opportunity to bring answers, hope and love to a world seeking truth. We would love to connect, encourage and invest in you through the Hillsong Leadership Network as together, in partnership, we advance His Kingdom on earth.

Brian & Bobbie Houston

Founders & Global Senior Pastors of Hillsong Church

Why Join As A Member?

Relationships That Make A Difference

Your membership provides opportunities to connect on an ongoing basis with the Hillsong team and other like-minded leaders at events, training intensives, informal gatherings and luncheons. Our members greatly value the deepening relationship year on year, as we strategise and celebrate with one another. Together, in partnership, we can make a greater difference in the world for Jesus.

Models You Can Follow

Hillsong Church has many diverse expressions – from services with 75 people right up to campuses with 10,000+ people. Over our 32 year journey we have developed tried and tested systems to facilitate discipleship and church growth that are designed to work in any environment. Our desire is to empower you to step up and lead in greater influence by standing on our shoulders.

Insights From Experience

Our heart is to candidly share the original principles and current practises being implemented to help build Hillsong Church. Our members benefit from the sharing of ideas and resources that have been proven on the ground throughout all the areas of church life. We pray these insights would empower your decision making, and help establish God’s Kingdom across the earth.

“The Hillsong Leadership Network is close to my heart... it's a way that our church can reach out and help local church pastors do what God's called them to do.”

Brian Houston

Who is it for?

All churches of any denomination, tradition, size, age, language or governance structure are welcome to join the Hillsong Leadership Network. Our members are Senior Pastors who have an unquenchable passion to grow a healthy local church, but are looking for support and encouragement on the leadership journey – realising that we are not competing, but are better together!

We would love to invite all Senior Pastors to peek behind-the-scenes of Hillsong Church and learn from both our highs and lows. Our members are keen to expand their frame of reference, and realise the potential of being found in an environment of generous sharing, constant learning and creative innovation. We’re in this together!

Open House

Our annual Open House days are specifically designed for Senior Pastors and their teams to understand exactly how Hillsong Church functions, in an up-close and personal environment. Our desire is to champion you and your local church by equipping you with everything that’s helped us over the past 32 years. The day focuses on how to build a Kingdom culture, church health principles as well as intimate electives across all areas of church life. This is a unique opportunity to develop your team by allowing our staff to invest personally into your leadership team.

Long Lunches

Our regional Long Lunches provide an opportunity to get together in a more relaxed social environment, where we can create space for fellowship, while also having quality dialogue about current issues and opportunities our churches are facing. At this event you create the agenda, and you also have the answers. Let’s tap into the collective wisdom and experience of the pastors in your local area.

Staff Meeting

Our goal through the Hillsong Leadership Network is to give you an exclusive peek into the DNA of Hillsong Church. One of the best ways we can do this is by inviting you into our Hillsong Staff Meeting. Each month you’ll receive ‘on demand’ access through the Online Portal to teaching from Ps Brian Houston as he talks with his own core team at a candid level about practical church leadership principles and important cultural values. Gather your staff and team together to watch and discuss.


The annual Hillsong and Colour Conferences are absolute highlights for our members. You will receive an invitation to a special gathering to kick o each of the conferences – a Luncheon hosted Ps Brian and a High Tea with Ps Bobbie. At both conferences you will have access to a reserved seating section for the main sessions and a lounge to network and relax in during the breaks. As a member you have year round access to a special conference registration rate for your convenience. Let us look after you at our conferences and ensure that your experience is above and beyond.

Conference Benefits

Hillsong Conference Luncheon

One of the highlights of Hillsong Conference is the incredible opportunity to come together to meet new friends, catch up with old ones, and hear what God is doing across the globe. Hosted by Brian & Bobbie Houston.

Colour High Tea

Join Ps Bobbie Houston and the Global Sisterhood Team to kick off Colour Conference. You and your girlfriends are invited to laugh, chat and enjoy yummy food as Ps Bobbie and the team share around God’s vision for women.

Network Lounge

You’ll receive two passes to the private Network Lounge where complimentary morning and afternoon tea are provided. Relax in comfort before and after each session and build powerful relationships with other like-minded leaders.

Reserved Seating

The best way to experience Hillsong or Colour Conference is being able to relax knowing that you have two reserved seats for all of the arena main sessions with great views and surrounded by high calibre leaders.

Discount Registrations

When you register for either Hillsong or Colour Conference you and your guest have access to the “Conference Special Rate” all year round (*while tickets are still available). This could save you over $200 per person each year.

Reserved Hotels

Network members are able to book specially reserved rooms through our travel partner JC Travel. These hotels are exceedingly popular with members and fill up many months in advance. Book early to avoid disappointment!


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North America

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