14 NOVEMBER, 2018

We are so looking forward to welcoming all of our Hillsong Leadership Network members to our annual Open House. Hosted at our flagship Hills Campus in Sydney, this event is designed for church leaders and their teams to understand exactly how Hillsong Church functions, and to get up close and personal with some our key team from across Australia.

Our desire is to champion your local church by equipping you with everything that’s helped us over the past 35 years. We pray it would launch you and your church into a new season of health and growth.

Open House is for leaders who...

✓ …are seeking to grow a healthy local church that reaches your community.

✓ …searching for tried and tested ideas to solve their church growth challenges.

✓ …want to expose their key team to a larger perspective and fresh methods.

✓ …committed to continual learning and won’t settle for the status quo.

✓ …are eager to go behind-the-scenes of why and how Hillsong operates.

✓ …desire an inspired community of peers to do the ministry journey with.


Event Information


Wednesday, 14th November 2018
10:00am - 9:00pm


Hillsong Hills Campus
1-5 Solent Circuit
Baulkham Hills
NSW 2256


Network Members $50/pp

Open House Highlights

Staff Meeting

Join us for our weekly Staff Meeting and hear a candid leadership message from Ps Brian.

Kingdom Culture

Learn how to build a life-changing culture that transcends age, status, location and language.

Up Close & Personal Electives

Meet the Hillsong team responsible for all the areas of church life.

Develop Your Team

Let our staff invest personally into your team’s leadership development.

Build Relationship

Join the Hillsong team over meals, building connections and answering your questions.

Worship & Creative Conference Rally

Join us for the spectacular Opening Night of our Worship & Creative Conference.



“I really appreciate the transparency and the authenticity that comes through. It feels like such a privilege to get that inside look at the inner workings of church life and its organisation and to see that all staff members have their feet firmly on the ground and are real and normal people. Thank you!”

“Our whole team have walked away feeling inspired, refreshed and ready to empower our church to grab onto our culture with both hands and be the church God has called us to be in our local area. Thank you isn’t even enough.”

“The level of engagement with the guests from the Hillsong team in between sessions is pretty amazing. I was going to highlight some names but the list is considerable. That probably says it all. Thanks as always. Our church and the Church is so much better for days like these.”