Our Home

Building Strength for Future Generations

What is Our Home?


WELCOME HOME is more than our desire for this House to be a safe place of rest, it is a prophetic declaration that calls the lost home to Jesus.

We are constantly moving forward, upgrading facilities and planting new locations across the Northeast! It is an honor to play a part in building HIS CHURCH.

Throughout 2018, we will expand and launch two new locations: Hillsong Boston and Hillsong Connecticut. As we continue investing into our headquarters at 363 Lafayette Street, we will be able to further serve and meet the needs of people. Across the Tri-State area, we will continue to strategically invest in our locations and facilities – creating physical spaces where people are welcomed home, discover salvation and are equipped to flourish in every sphere of life.

As we consider the scope and reach of “Our Home”, it is truly a grand responsibility.