What is a connect group?

Our connect groups are the heartbeat of the church. We like to say that we are a small church with many people. And through our connect groups you can find a community that you can share life with.

Connect groups are small communities where good friendships are built and life with God is developed. Together we build a church that is present in the middle of everyday and life.

The groups meet from week to week in various homes near you. You can become part of a group today by simply registering here. In a short time, someone will contact you. We hope to hear from you!

«For the past four years my connect group has been one of the highlights of the week. It is so valuable to be able to share life and faith with someone» – Hanna

«I have been in a connect group for several years and it has been incredibly faith-building. It has been a place I have been able to grow as a human being and as a leader. Connect has also made many good friendships» – Louise

«Having a meeting point outside Sunday service has been important to me. Getting together, hearing the word of God, sharing life, prayer and eating together have been important to my life of faith» – Torbjørn

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