In August of 2017, I had been a part of Hillsong on and off for three years, and I was at a rock bottom state, feeling totally alone. I was seeking and praying for growth in my life, and in service, they talked about volunteering. That was the day I became part of the Host team. Since then my life has changed so much with the friendships I’ve made and feeling how God has really chosen me. The way they say you start off brand new, that’s really what happened to me. 

I had been hosting for a couple months and felt that God was calling me to do more. I used to coach a kid’s basketball team and really loved the mentorship factor of that. I felt like God wanted to grow me and was pointing me towards the Youth, but I felt like I didn’t have the time. Plus I felt inadequate because I felt pretty new in the faith. But God pushes you towards uncomfortable situations to grow you, and with Him, we were going to figure out a way to make it work out. 

It was at this time that Growth Track first started. So, I joined growth track and it was through completing that, that I was able to join the Youth team. On my way to the first night of Youth, I ran into my little brother and he said he would come with me and see what it was all about. I had prayed for a while that God would touch my brother’s life in the way that He touched mine. Seeing my little brother, at the end of that night, raise his hand for Salvation, as well as following God’s will for my own growth and calling, that was just awesome. 

I hadn’t been baptized but I had been talking to a bunch of people about it for a while. Summer Camp was coming up for the Youth where there were going to be baptisms, and I agreed to go as a Youth leader. The first day, some of the students were really distant and withdrawn, not really talking much. But I just took the time and talked with them, we had RDG classes with them, and they listened. They said that they felt unworthy of God’s love or to be baptized, which I struggled with too. Talking to them, showing them how God’s love can be poured into their lives, we were growing together. 

My little brother was able to come to camp too, and he started making friends immediately. Through the three days, we were all there, playing basketball, spending time in the pool, and having RDG time together. I saw my brother have so much fun with other students, locking arms and worshipping God. There was so much spirit, it was amazing. Everyone was up until one o’clock in the morning just talking about God and how they didn’t want to leave. For me, seeing them talk to each other, having been there when they first got there, feeling distant and unworthy, and now so many of them wanting to get baptized was absolutely amazing. 

The last day of the camp, I decided that I was going to get baptized, too. That moment of washing away everything and accepting God, it was amazing. And then, I saw my little brother coming into the water. I was actually able to baptize my little brother along with Pastor Raf.

From August 2017, feeling unworthy and at rock bottom, to August 2018,  having so many friendships and relationships through volunteering as a Host and with Youth, to not only being baptized, but being able to be a part of my brother’s baptism, I feel that I got the growth that I had asked God for, and that He isn’t finished with me yet.