Going to school with Reggie Dabbs

Dec 5 2018

Once known as ICare Revolution, the Schools Project LINK is a movement of the youth and young adults coming together, to make a difference in society through local schools. After the London Riots in 2011, it was evident of the dire need and outcry of youth in society. In 2014, as many as 750,000 young people in the UK said that they had nothing to live for.   

The team is a community of eight Academy students, volunteers and staff from Hillsong London, alongside with the partnering of Reggie Dabbs, a popular public-school speaker. Reggie was born to an unwed teenager, with no place to go, who gave him up. It was then that Mr & Mrs. Dabbs took care of little Reggie as foster parents until he was in the fourth grade, and then officially adopted and bestowed him the Dabbs name. 

This year the Schools Project finished a week of touring between 19th – 25th March 2018, seeing over 3,000 students within London and Surrey. Some of the schools visited included Notre Dame, Guilford County, Acland Burghley and more. Throughout the week, topics including identity, self-esteem, anti-bullying and relationships were highlighted through interactive presentations. As Reggie once came from a place of feeling unwanted and facing many other obstacles from young, the sessions were tailored towards reconstructing the mindsets of the youth and affirming that they can be the change.

The next visits will be taking place between 9th – 13th July 2018, where Reggie will again be touring with the team for a last time this year, aiming to reach a variety of young people in and around London. Similar topics will be highlighted, in order to keep encouraging the young people and remind teachers around them of their potential and the great effects they can have in society. 

“It’s been a wonderful week. I have witnessed so many lives impacted by the messages Reggie shared. I loved the connection and relationships that he built with the students, and to see them going up to Reggie and team to thank and hug them was incredible.  

The Schools Project brings the message of hope and has an impact on young people’s lives by letting them know God has amazing plans for them. I loved every single moment of it and I’m really looking forward to the next tour”. 

Beatrice Varlez
Volunteer Youth Leader @ Schools Project Tours