"I am blessed to be a blessing"

Announcement: In the coming weeks we'll be migrating to our new giving solution to make digital giving simpler, faster and more user-friendly than ever before. The first time you give, you can set up your personal account and from then on you'll have access online, by mobile app, or via text. Please get started with us on the new and improved Pushpay experience!

Living Generously

Thank you so much for prioritizing Hillsong Church with your generous giving. Your consistency provides stability, strength, and support to the mission and vision of our church. Lives are being changed because of you. As our Global Senior Pastor says…


“Hillsong church is not built on the gifts & talents of a few, but on the sacrifices of many.”


– Pastor Brian Houston


See what God can do through your generosity!

Move Recurring Giving Through 3 Easy Steps!

1. Setup your recurring giving through “Pushpay” via the button below!

2. Stop your recurring giving with “SecureGive” by logging in and clicking on the menu icon or “My Account” and select “My Recurring Transactions”

3. Manage your recurring gift or make a one-time offering!


Click the button below to give through PushPay. PushPay allows you to quickly, simply manage and keep track of your giving. No account necessary, but if you wish to do so, give online and follow the easy steps given. Check back shortly as we’ll be launching an all new APP based experience for both iPhone & Android devices!

Heart for the House

As the Church of Jesus Christ, we are living in strategic times where we have the incredible opportunity to make a significant difference in our community.

Our annual Heart for the House offering is our opportunity to give sacrificially towards our Heart for the House initiatives. This offering has never been about equal giving, it’s always been marked by equal sacrifice. Our Heart for the House Offering has always had a significant impact locally in our Home and in the lives of our families.

Kingdom Builders

Kingdom Builders is a community of generous vision-carriers who are resourced to be a blessing and advance the mission of the house. Through above and beyond giving, they connect their heart and resource to the things that matter to God.

If you are interested in finding out more about Kingdom Builders and how you can contribute financially above and beyond to the mission of the house, subscribe to our email list below. Or email